IT Services
Complexity upon complexity may be an accurate description to describe the Information Technology arena.  From computer setup to networking to security, each issue requires detailed knowledge to ensure your equipment runs smoothly and stays online.  At Empress Technology, our IT services provide you peace of mind.  When we are your IT provider, you can concentrate and focus on your particular business needs - not your internal IT needs.  Call us today to inquire about what we can do for you!


In 2003, almost 90 percent of small businesses used some form of credit, com-pared with just over 80 percent in 1998.11 Moreover, 80 percent of small firms used non-traditional sources such as owners’ loans and personal and business credit cards, while 60 percent used six traditional types of loans, such as credit lines, mortgage loans, and oth-ers. Next to personal and business credit cards—which may or may not result in the ac-tual use of a card’s available credit—lines of credit were used most frequently by small firms: 34 percent of small firms have a credit line and 26 percent had vehicle loans in 2003.