Empress Technology design services help your business in creating that look and feel you want.  From designing (or re-designing) your company website, to making unique business cards, to producing comprehensive coordinated office materials, our design services will help portray your business in a unique and special way.

Website Design (or Re-Design)

If you want the most truly customized, every pixel specified, precise color-matching type of website, we'd love to produce it for you.  We'll develop all the HTML, xHTML, PHP and everything else needed to match your every specification.  And, you'll get to pay for this complete customization in both time and money.

BUT, if you want a great-looking, individualized website which doesn't need exacting customization, we can save you a lot of money.  Save you LOTS of money.  Using the latest in website design tools, Empress Technology website designers are able to quickly personalize and produce a great site for you.  Your logo, your business taglines, your content and your links will all be there.  And, we'll work with you to get the website look and feel to be that proper level of professionalism, comedic quality, or whatever image you're wanting to portray.  Check our Portfolio of websites and get an idea of how different each site can look.


Logo Design

Unless digital imaging and digital photography is your business, who has time to understand all the steps necessary to create unique images and graphics?   Luckily, the graphics designers at Empress Technology know what it takes to make visually stunning images.  We explore the ideas you want to convey, special iconic images you want to incorporate and then bring these together into your unique, impactful company logo. 



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